How to Install Plugin Mirage in Cacti


Cacti version 0.8.8+ It may work on previous versions, but we haven’t tested against them.
PIA version 3.1

Download Mirage Plugin 1.2.0

Dowload Mega URL:!joBCSajS
Key: !5xOf-FjcDAkkS3K2TkAkTA


Move the folder mirage to CACTI_HOME/plugins/
Ensure permission are correct (CACTI_HOME/plugins/mirage)

Install Mirage through Cacti Plugin Management /Enable Mirage pluging through Cacti Plugin Management


Review and save Mirage settings


After installation it should generate a file called ” mirage_poller_output.log ” within the / var / www / html / cacti / log /

That is all!

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